How I found Kiatsu (Koichi Tohei)

In 1944 February I was sent to China and marched from Nanking to Hankow. It is much easier to sail up the Yantze River or to go by train, but in that period the Americans had command of the air in China and using ship or train would have meant instant death at the hands of the American air force. After a march of several days, we rested in a small town. I bought a meat bun in a small shop. At night I had an acute stomachache. The meat in the bun must have been bad. The medicine did not work at all. There was no doctor on hand. Having no other resources I pressed my belly with my fingertips. In the Japanese language to cure is "teate o suru" (a putting on of hands). I thought that by sending Ki with my hand I could ease the pain. After a while the pressing eased the pain, then suddenly I needed to go to toilet. There was a violent purging. The pain subsided. Then in less than five minutes the pain returned. I again pressed with my fingers and then again relief came through purging. 17 times in that night I repeated the treatment. At around two o'clock in the morning the pain was completely gone and I could sleep well. Next morning I started marching without breakfast. By noon I was hungry. I ate lunch and my stomach was completely all right. It was my first experience of the effect of extending Ki from the fingertips. After that experience every time my soldiers had diarrhea, I cured them in the same way. I had 80 soldiers in my troop, but nobody died or fell seriously ill during two and a half years on the Chinese battlefield. I think it was partly due to the power of Ki.

The war ended. But we had to stay in China for nearly one year before we could go back to Japan. One morning when I awoke, I could not open my eyes because of a sticky secretion that had collected on my eyes. I washed my eyes with hot water and could open them but the eyes were sticky and there were small particles behind my eyelids. I went to junior high school by bicycle when I was a student. My eyes were always exposed to the cold wind during the winter. During that period my eyes suffered from the wind and in the early spring I always had trachoma. After one or two months of treatment at the hospital, it got better but next spring again the same thing would happen. So I always carried medicine for my eyes. When I started for the war, I carried a lot of medicine but I lost most of it on my travels. By the time the war had finished I had run out of this medicine. I did not know when we would be allowed to go back to Japan. There was no hope of having medicine sent from Japan. I was at a loss about what to do with my eyes. So I washed my hands well and placed my fingertips on my eyelids where I felt there were small particles located within. After ten minutes or so the small particles were gone. I changed the position of my fingertips and continued in this way until there were no small particles left behind my eyelids. Then I put clean water in a bowl and washed my eyes with the water. Then my eyes were very clear. The small particles behind the eyelids were all washed away. I then put my three middle fingers on my eyelashes. There was a little pain, but after a while the pain was gone. The next morning there was only half as much of the sticky secretion as there had been. On the third day there was hardly any secretion at all. I continued doing Kiatsu for a week and since then I have never had any problems. It is already more than fifty years since then and I have never been to an eye doctor.

When I remembered the diarrhea and my eyes, I did not know whether I had been able to cure them because of the special situation created on the battle field or if I could do the same in more normal situations. I tried pressing with my fingers when children had stomachaches or when elderly people had neuralgia. I found I could cure them in the same way. I thought on this seriously and hit upon the idea of Ki which I had vaguely felt during my training in Zen and misogi. Life means the continual interchange that takes place between the Ki of the universe and one's personal Ki. When the interchange is weak and there is a shortage of Ki, one falls ill. If there is a shortage of Ki, supplying Ki can activate this interchange. Pressing with Ki means to give Ki to the damaged part and activate the life power. It is the same as charging a weak battery. Everybody can do it if he knows how to extend Ki. The ancient people may well have understood this, as they did not have any medicine. That might be why there is a Japanese expression "teate o suru" (putting on of hands). On realizing it I named my method Kiatsu, meaning pressing with Ki.

One of my close friends sprained his loin. He was President of a company.He had to lie in bed and could not even walk. I was out of town, so he tried many kind of other treatment. But it did not work. He had to be present for a reception. He was looking for meto cure his loin. I visited him and asked him, " How many hours do you have before you hae to be at the reception?" He said, "Two hours." I said Ok and started doing Kiatsu. After 30 minutes or so, I told him to go to the bathroom. He hesitated but found that he could walk. I did Kiatsu 30 more minutes, his sprained loin had got well completely. He could attend the reception without any problem.
Like this sprained loin, stiff shoulder, arm problem, whiplash, knee problem, migraine headache, constipation etc, does not take much care in hospital, however, these are obstacle in your daily life. The cause of above is mainly lack of Ki. Therefore, if you send Ki, the person's life power will be activated. And cure those sick by themselves. To spread Ki and Kiatsu correctly, I thought that I need to establish institute for specialist of Ki. Therefore, I established Ki Development Institute. Now over 900 students became Kiatsu specialists and teach Ki principle to many people.

Kiatsu private lesson

The founder of Kiatsu therapy-Koichi Tohei discovered Kiatsu therapy when he was sent off to war during World War II.

A kiatsu therapist sends Ki from his or her fingertips and activates one's life power. Once your life power has become activated, your own life power will cure your problems.

These are the merits of Kiatsu therapy.

PQRelaxation and the ability to change your mind and body to a positive way.
QQThere is no stiffness after Kiatsu therapy
RQYour blood circulation improves
SQHelps you to detect your disease earlier

One Kiatsu therapy session : 50 minutes
Please bring clean socks and sweat shirts when you receive Kiatsu.
To take Kiatsu therapy, you will need an appointment. For detailed information, please contact us.