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Ki no Sato is located in Ichikai-machi in the Tochigi prefecture situated 36
degrees north, 140 degrees east. To the south is the home of the famous
Mashiko ceramics. Forests and fields occupy more than 60% of the
Ichikaimachi area (from the 1992 survey), providing a wealth of greenery and
natural features. The Tohei Institute building is also surrounded by all
kinds of trees.

The climate is that of the inland climate where the highest summertime
temperature is only 35 degrees. The greenery keeps the atmosphere clear and
provides cooling shade. Also, in winter the lowest the temperature falls
is -10 degrees with some snowfall. It is an easy climate to live in.

Close to 400 years ago a historical event occurred on these grounds. In the
Edo period (1603-1868) the magistrate (Daikan) of these ancestral grounds
lived in the family's mansion, which is preserved as it was in those
days.This magistrate mansion is the family home Koichi Tohei Sensei, and is
where this he established the world-famous methods of Ki Principles and
Ki-Aikido.Ki no Sato was opened adjacent to the mansion, making use of its
environs and lineage.


When you arrive at Narita, take the Maronnier Bus Airport Liner (airport
bus), which goes straight to Utsunomiya. It takes about three hours and
costs 4,070 yen one-way. You do not have to reserve a seat, but you re
required to a ticket at the Keisei Counter near customs before you get on
the bus.

From Utsunomiya to Narita, you need to reserve the seat in advance. Ki No
Sato staff can arrange the reservation. Tickets are available at the bus
stop in front of the Chisan Hotel.

By bus
When you come to Ki no Sato from the JR Utsunomiya Station train
station(across the street from the Chisan Hotel), take the bus for
"Mizuhashi Keiyu Ubagai Iki" (oRc) or "Mizuhashi Keiyu Haga Onsen
Iki" (oRFꉷ) from bus terminal No.3 at the West Exit of the train
station. Get off at the "Kamiakabane" (ԉH) bus stop in front of the
7-Eleven store. It takes about 40 minutes and costs 820 yen one-way. From
the bus stop you can find Ki No Sato. Bus Schedules change periodically.
Therefore,if you want to know the latest bus schedule, please contact us.

By Taxi
It costs approximately 6,000 yen from the East Exit of the JR Utsunomiya
train station. Ask the taxi driver to take you to Ki no Kenkyukai at
Ichikai-machi, or show the following line:

sĹǍ ܂ŁB@̌́A@ԉΌׁ̗̌@łB

Ichikai-machi no, Ki no kenkyukai made. Ki no kenkyukai wa, kaou sekken no
kenkyujo no tonari desu.

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