As a young man, Koichi Tohei was very weak. However, he practiced Zen, Misogi,Judo and Aikido. Through this training, he discovered the universal principles of Ki.

" Ki is not a special ability for only very talented people. Anyone can extend Ki easily."by Koichi Tohei

Koichi Tohei went all over the world by himself and proved the power of Ki to all he met. Since then he has continued to spread Ki principles and Ki-Aikido all over the world.

Koichi Tohei was sickly as a child.

Koichi Tohei was born in Shitaya, Tokyo, in 1920. When he was three years old, he went back to his home town located in Tochigi prefecture. He was very weak when he was young. He always needed the doctor. His father worried about him. So his father started to teach Judo to Koichi Tohei when he was 9 years old. He was awarded black belt in Judo when he was 14 years old.

He came across a book
about Mr. Tesshu Yamaoka

When he was 16 years old, he entered Keio University. He practiced Judo very sincerely. But he practiced it so intensely that he contracted pleurisy. As a result, he had to take a year off from the University. During recuperation, he read a lot of books. He then began a serious self examination period, which concluded with the understanding that his mind was too weak. At the same time, he came across a book about Mr. Tesshu Yamaoka, which was written by his high ranking student, Mr. Tetsuju Ogura. Koichi Tohei was impressed by the book and before he recovered from his illness, he began visiting the Ichikukai dojo, which is Mr. Tetsuju Ogura's dojo. There he practiced Zen and Misogi breathing.

with Master Tenpu Nakamura

After the war, he returned to practicing Zen, Misogi and Aikido. He also became a disciple of Master Tenpu Nakamura and mastered the principle "Mind moves body" through Master Tenpu's teaching. This then became the center of his own teaching. After that, Master Tenpu trusted Koichi Tohei very much.


Become a disciple
of Master Morihei Ueshiba

When Koichi Tohei was 19 years old, he became a disciple of Master Morihei Ueshiba and started to practice Aikido.

Knowing the power
of Ki on the battle field

Koichi Tohei entered the army soon after graduating Keio University. He was 23 years old at the time. He became a platoon leader in the army and was sent to China for four years. He discovered that if, on the battle field, one's defenses are down for just a moment, this could mean death. Considering this circumstance, he decided to do Ki breathing 200 times a day. By doing Ki breathing on the battle field, he mastered keeping one point.
Sometimes he could not calm his breath even though he did Ki breathing. When he felt like this, he noticed that it was because the enemy was hidden somewhere nearby. As a result of Koichi Tohei's vigilant awareness, not a single member of his platoon was killed or injured during the war.